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Open to the Public

LCWCC offers Archery Leagues the majority of the year in Livingston County

Now featuring 20 new Delta McKenzie ASA scoring targets

Spring /Summer league: 3D Archery League begins each Spring. League is open to non-members and members. We have shooters of all abilities, experts and beginners, men/women/children; scoring is handicapped. 2-person team format or individual; if you don't have a partner, we'll do our best to pair you up with another individual if you want to shoot on a team. We start each Wednesday 5:30-6pm, 30-target course takes 1.5-2 hrs to complete. Great tune-up for bow hunting season! Sign-up sheet is on bulletin board at club. Questions,  Pricing for leagues is $5 for members and $13 for nonmembers

Banquet consists of Dinner, Awards, Door Prizes, Money Shoot 


Spring 3D Leagues begin early


Summer leagues begin








          ASA Scoring


        Mulligan Target

         Money Shoots


Winter league: Begins the second week of January and is held indoors. Shooting takes place either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. All nights are 10 weeks and a banquet follows the last week. Pricing: $6 for members and $7 for nonmembers


3D Open Shoot: Begins the fourth Sunday in June and runs until the last Sunday in September on select Sundays. Some open shoots may be held on Saturdays Price: $15 Check the club or below to ensure open shooting is taking place


Open Shoot dates:


Shooting is held on our beautiful 30 target course with simulated hunting situations located in Livingston County and 20 minutes away from Ann Arbor. The course includes 6 elevated shots, 2 across water, shooting stakes range from 6 yards to two 50 yard shots at the blue stake. Youth to Adult, Traditional to Competitive Shooter; shoot a course that allows you to mold your lifestyle & discipline around it!

Looking to shoot the course a different day?  Contact the club to coordinate an available RSO on a day you would like to come shoot.  Non-Members $15

Interested in becoming a member with added range benefits?

Members gain:

24-7 (Sunrise-Sunset) access to our 30-Target Outdoor Archery range (when rifle range is not in use and upon certification)

Sight in Target

Indoor archery range during club hours

Archery Press Release:

LCWCC is Proud to Become and ASA Affiliated Club

LCWCC Unites with Shoot for Life for PTSD

Image by Olga Russkikh

League Pricing 2022

$5 for members
$13 for nonmembers

Standard Range Pricing

Member Benefits*
$15 for non-members

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