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2023 Scholarships are Now Available  

Please make sure that you print and complete the appropriate scholarship form. If you apply for a conservation scholarship and you are not pursuing an education in a conservation field you will not be considered for that scholarship!


Available scholarships:

$1,500 Conservation Scholarship - available only to Club Members pursuing a conservation/environmental field of study

$1,000 General Scholarship - available only to Club Members pursuing any field of study.

All applications must be postmarked by Friday April 28, 2023

Please direct any questions to:

Helen Vontom


LCWCC Press Releases

LCWCC welcomes its new affiliation with the Archery Shooter's Association! Learn more HERE 

MUCC Update with Roger Calhoun

I was able to attend two meetings in March, the NRC meeting in Lansing and the MUCC meeting in St Ingace and I also have been invited to a showing of the Crystal Waters Game Area by the DNR to show what’s there and to see what the plans are for the new 688 acre game area. Its located near Milan, what I learn there will be in the next update. There will not be another MUCC meeting until June and that will be the convention. My position on the region 8 policy board will be filled by someone else as I have served 6 years and the new term limit is 4 years. I will still be doing my updates as always that will remain the same. At least till I get run out by you guys or I win a lot of money and move to Washington, the state not the city! 

The Lake Trout harvest in MH-1 for 2021 was 20% over what it was supposed to be this over harvest happened in 2019 also. Because of the overharvests new plans are being made to prevent it from continuing. There will be more to tell about this after the May NRC meeting. 

The 2022-2023 Elk seasons and rules look to be unchanged except for the elimination of a January hunt. The January hunt was used to adjust Elk numbers after the other two seasons and hasn’t been used since 2008.Any adjustments will now be made to next year’s hunting season. 

The MUCC meeting was devoted to working on last minute resolutions to be taken to convention. I believe we had 12 resolutions and sent 10 on to convention. One was withdrawn and the other was sent back to the writer for clarification, several were amended. Once I get updated copies I will post them at club for those interested also after the convention I will post all of them and indicate whether they passed or failed. 

That’s it for March, I hope all are in good health and enjoying the start of spring .Get out if you can and enjoy the new beginnings of spring and all it brings. Till next Month take care and be safe! 

Yours in conservation 

Roger Calhoun 

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