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Annual Club Picnic 2018

Guests with members welcome for $10.00

Children under 12 are free!

Many Raffles to win! Need not be present to win.

Building Fund Raffle

  • 1st Prize $1500

  • 2nd Prize $800

  • 3rd Prizes Three of $100 each

Entertainment Package Raffle

  • 1st Prize-Lottery Board

  • 2nd Prize-Fishing Kayak

Booze & Dues (Member’s Only)

  • 1st Prize Cooler of Booze 2nd Prize

  • Membership Dues for 2018

Children and adult games will take place throughout the day

Don’t forget the annual Apple Pie Contest!!

Saturday, August 4th 12-6:00 pm

The success of our picnic depends on the generosity and hard work of our members – it takes a lot of volunteers to run this event. A sign-up sheet is posted at the club for miscellaneous jobs that need to be filled.

New Members - this is a great opportunity to help fulfill one of your volunteer requirements and meet new friends.

Raffle License: R41822

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