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Rent LCWCC For Your Next Event! Public Welcome


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Club Room

You can rent the upstairs of the club, which seats up to 175 people. 

Rental cost: $850.00 This includes bartenders and clean-up (excluded personal decorations)





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Hall Rental

You can rent the downstairs hall, which will seat up to 75 people. 

Rental cost: $250.00 This includes bartenders and clean-up (excluded personal decorations)

Rental Cost without bartnedar(s): $150.00

Club Rules

  • Shirts and shoes shall be worn in the building at all times.

  • Any guest of a member must be signed in with said member.

  • Members will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.

  • No firearms or bows of any kind are allowed in the club without permission.

  • The bartender, club manager and vice-president shall be responsible forenforcement of the club rules.

  • No gambling (money on the table) or abusive language.

  • No skateboarding or in-line roller skating on club property.


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